Imagine that you’ve just finished a great book. You love it very much, and really want to share your wonderful experience and thoughts with someone. The problem is, you don’t know anyone who’s read it. What you need is a group of friends, a community of likeminded and warm people with whom you can share ideas regarding all things bookish!

If you’re the sort of person who loves reading and collecting books and going to bookstores and libraries, bookstagram is for you. It’s a group of people who express themselves by discussing books, reviewing them, and chatting about the things they’ve learned from them!

Do you like to join this community?

If your answer is yes, you’re going to need an Instagram account, and it’s straightforward and fun from there: you post pictures and talk about books and everything book-related!

On bookstagram, we also use some hashtags to make it easier for others to find us. Think of it as a way to find new friends, with whom you can talk about your common bookish likes and experiences!

Bookstagram is also very beautiful and cozy to look at. We use fun colors and creative designs while showcasing our bookish interests. After all, once you have an account, the sky’s the limit.

But there are more exciting things you can do on Bookstagram! Having so many friends who live far away but are close at heart means that you can join different clubs based on authors and genres, participate in exciting weekly or monthly challenges and enjoy giveaways and reading marathons!

Passion speaks for everything!

If you want to make an organized collection of reviews and reading reports and challenges on your account, you’re going to need a theme. A theme can be whatever you like: cute backgrounds, vintage books, colorful story highlights are all acceptable and encouraged!

You like something totally different? Make it into a theme! Instagram is a visual platform before anything else, which means that at the end of the day, you should feel good while looking at it. So, go with what your heart says and put as much passion into it as you possibly can!

There are many existing pages that can inspire you, but you’re also going to need some cute and cozy designs to kickstart your account!

We’ve recently made a bookstagram kit that can help you create your own bookstagram easily and make it beautiful, too! These fun designs include different story templates and help organize your account in a unique and lively way!

Are you ready to show everyone your one-of-a-kind thoughts and opinions?