We’ve all come across beautifully designed Instagram pages that showcase books and organize bookish events, but have you ever wanted to create a book-related Instagram page of your own? A page that is based on your tastes, both in design and content? Maybe you think that it takes so much effort and money and have put it off to another time?

But it’s actually a pretty easy and fun process! We’ve created a comprehensive guide that walks you through creating your own bookstagram account in 10 simple steps, so you can start today! Read these steps for a fun surprise at the end 😉

For building a bookstagram, you’ll need to:

Starting a project like this needs passion and creativity because your name is the first thing someone sees. Think about your account name and brainstorm ideas to arrive at the best one! You can get inspired by checking out different bookstagram accounts or thinking about your own bookish preferences. Some of the most common name choices include:

When you’re done with the name, it’s time to choose a good profile picture for your page! Remember, it’s always more heartwarming to see a face in a profile picture, so choose a photo of yourself that you love, and you’re good to go!

Now, before you get your guards up, I need to tell you that a phone camera is enough if you don’t have access to a professional one. A decent camera brings a good mood to your photos, so they will feel inspired and high quality on your page!

In this stage, you’re gonna need to think about your favorite color palette and the lighting of your choice! Do you want your bookstagram to give a feeling of coziness and warmth or colorful brightness? Do you want to focus on vintage books with a minimalist style, or modern books with all of their features being out there? Would you like to include nature in your photography, perhaps, or showcase a more academic style?

It has many diverse and beautiful color palettes that you can choose from and make your page come to life! It all depends on you and what you’re most passionate about, so give it a good thought!

This one is maybe the most important step! You need to decide what you prefer to post on a daily basis! Remember to stay consistent and post at least a few times a week. In the end, it depends on you and whether you want a more personal blog or something more business-like.

One of the most helpful steps in making your bookstagram page is to follow others who have been at this hobby for a time! Following other bookstagrammers has two great benefits: it gives you inspiration for what you want to do to your page, and it introduces you to a circle of friends that can exchange ideas and opinions about bookish things!

When you put love and effort into something you’re passionate about, it’s good to claim credit for it. Remember to put your username on your pictures; this way, you’ll find new friends when your photos are posted somewhere else too!

It sometimes happens to everyone that even when they take many photos, none of them is to their liking. Well, an editing app like VSCO can fix that problem and save you a good amount of time and energy! Also, using hashtags makes it easier for likeminded people to find your posts, so make good use of them and use words that represent your bookstagram the best! Some examples are #booklover, #currentlyreading, and #timetoread

If your purpose is communicating with others who love books and bookish stuff, you need to write captions that make your followers want to comment and talk with you. One way of doing this is by asking questions about what they’re reading at the moment or what their favorite bookish things are! A good caption can start fun conversations that lead to great friendships!

Now that your bookstagram is good and running, join weekly or monthly challenges and grow some competitive spirit on your page! Besides, tagging friends in your challenges bring you together as a community too.

There are so many cool things you can do once you have some followers. You get to host reading marathons (readathon!) and read with a bunch of different people, creating a book club and discussing books and stories, buddy read books with a friend you’ve found online, and do a lot more fun activities! Once you’ve joined this fantastic community, it stays exciting if you look for events and contests!

We’ve just created a Bookstagram Kit that can help a bunch in the process of making your own bookstagram page! It consists of various cute story templates that give a bookish and colorful vibe to your page! You can get this kit from here!