Let’s Bring Little Joys To Our Daily Life!

Do you want to spread little joys everywhere in your schedule? Then look no further, because little Joys Agenda is the only free app you’ll need for having an exciting adventure day by day and a life you can build for yourself!

  •   It has all the options available in a normal calendar app, but there’s a lot more waiting for you to discover! Little Joys Agenda is an app that helps you plan your life in an easier way, while also giving you little doses of motivation and inspiration through a unique and delightful planned joy for each day!
  • Every day you’ll get a suggested activity that’s both simple to accomplish and energizing for the rest of that day.
  • Little Joys Agenda is an amazing tool that helps you stay your happy self every day of the year. Never lose motivation again and strive for your wildest dreams!
  • It’s also an app that’s incredibly easy to use and navigate through. you can even sync it with the Apple calendar and google calendar to make it even easier and more convenient to use!
  • The daily planned joys are the reason this app stands out among many calendars. Every day you get to wake up to a different, fun activity that lets you start off your day with positivity and happiness. You can customize them too. you get a say in when to receive them!

There are many fun menu items that you can easily navigate through, such as:

  • Diverse options of weekly and yearly for your calendar views as well.
  • The intuitive interface lets you move between different options by a simple swipe.
  • The chance to create your own joyful plans and set up reminders for them so you’ll never forget them! simply write them down and set the date and time.
  • Celebrations: you only need to add your loved one or contact’s birthday or any other day you celebrate and leave the rest to Little Joys Agenda. This way, you’ll never forget to congratulate them and bring them a happy surprise! You can also sync the app with the Apple calendar app to receive more reminders.
  • Free and easy to use wonderful graphics with a different color for each month.
  • Easy to navigate between different views of daily, weekly monthly, and yearly.
  • Daily inspirational plans ready to motivate you.
  • Able to sync with Apple Calendar and Google calendar.
  • Add celebrations reminders.
  • Enable/disable daily notifications and specify the time you’d like to get them.
  • Create your own amazing, creative plans to achieve your happiness!

Little Joys Agenda is a tool that helps you bring tiny happy activities to your life and make it a dynamic adventure towards your goals. It’s got planned joyful actions for each day that are bound to keep you on the right track of positivity and gratitude for the small things!