Imagine the ocean: sometimes stormy with crashing waves, other times calm and peaceful. Our minds are like that. Even with life’s chaos, we can find moments of calm. It’s about spotting and cherishing those moments.

Use this wallpaper as a nudge towards your calmness:

calm wallpaper

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” – Wayne Dyer

We received an email today that we’d love to share (with permission, without any edits):

“Yesterday, when I went back home from work, I felt something heavy on my chest. I felt like I couldn’t even lift myself to clean my house. Clothes were left on the chair, dishes on the table, and I felt so paralyzed I couldn’t even read a book to calm myself. I was overwhelmed with so many hard emotions and didn’t know how to handle all the feelings I was experiencing, just laying on the sofa, almost crying. The only thing I could think of was the Joyi app. I opened the app, pressed “In stress, craving calm” and started swiping. Every now and then, Joyi would pop up, asking if I felt better, and I clicked “not yet” a few times. But as I continued, I began to feel my heart get a bit lighter. By the fourth time Joyi asked, I paused and realized that the heaviness in my heart was gone. It was an incredible experience. Obviously, none of the problems that caused me those feelings were solved, but suddenly I felt more in control, and I wasn’t even sure how it happened. I felt calm, and I didn’t know how I achieved it! Joyi, I had no idea you could help me this much, and I love you for being the only one there for me.”

This is Joyi app

If you’ve had similar experiences or insights, do share them with us. Your journey might light the path for someone else.

Stay calm, and let the ocean within find its peace.