Did you know that Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting “The Starry Night” was inspired by the view from his window in an asylum?

Yup, in 1889, after some really tough times (including that shocking incident with his ear), van Gogh chose to check himself into an asylum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. From there, he painted that beautiful night sky filled with swirly stars and a sleepy town below.
Though it’s easy to think such a mesmerizing painting would come from a happy place, van Gogh was going through a lot. Yet, instead of painting something sad or dark, he created a masterpiece bursting with wonder and energy. Ever looked up at the night sky and felt super tiny, yet completely amazed by its vast beauty? That’s the kind of vibe “The Starry Night” gives off.
In letters to his brother, van Gogh even mentioned his fascination with the night and its colors. Isn’t it cool to think that even during his hard times, he saw the beauty in the world around him?
“The Starry Night” isn’t just a pretty picture, but a powerful message: even when life gets tough, there’s still beauty and hope out there. So next time you’re having a rough day, maybe take a moment to gaze up at the stars and remember van Gogh’s bright and swirly night sky.

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