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Do you know about The Bobo Doll Experiment?

Picture this, back in 1961, a scientist named Albert Bandura was super curious about how kids learn by just watching others. He decided to set up a little experiment using a toy named Bobo Doll.

Here’s what he did:
  1. He let some kids watch an adult play with Bobo Doll. But here’s the twist – the adult wasn’t just playing; they were being a bit rough and aggressive with the toy.
  2. Later on, Bandura gave the same toy to the kids to play with.
Guess what happened?

The kids who had seen the adult being aggressive with the doll were more likely to do the same! On the other hand, the kids who hadn’t seen the aggressive play were generally gentler with Bobo.

It was a fascinating way to show how we can pick up behaviors just by observing others. It’s like when you see someone doing a cool dance move and then later find yourself trying it out too! But in this case, it was about understanding how aggression can be learned by simply watching. Cool, right?