You know how sometimes, a small negative comment can stick in your mind all day, even if you’ve also received compliments? That’s negativity bias for you!

Negativity bias is basically our brain’s sneaky way of paying more attention to the bad stuff than the good stuff. It’s like when you get ten nice comments and one not-so-nice one, but it’s only the not-so-nice one that keeps replaying in your head. This happens because, way back when our ancestors were dealing with wild animals and daily survival threats, paying attention to the bad, scary stuff was super important for staying alive. Fast forward to today, and we’re not running from predators, but our brains still give more weight to the negatives.

But here’s some good news: Once we know about this bias, we can start tackling it! How about we try focusing on the positives a bit more? Like, when something good happens, let’s really take a moment to enjoy it and tell ourselves, “Hey, this is awesome!” It’s not about ignoring the bad stuff; it’s just about giving the good stuff the attention it deserves too. So, next time you find yourself fixating on something negative, remember to balance it out by thinking of something positive as well. Let’s give it a shot – who knows, it might just turn a regular day into a great one! Keep smiling and spreading those positive vibes!

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