You know how sometimes we imagine futures based on certain circumstances? Like, imagine someone got diagnosed with bipolar in her early adulthood. What comes to mind about her future? Well, here’s a twist. There’s this amazing woman, Kay Redfield Jamison. Despite having bipolar, she turned her life into an inspiring saga of triumph. She’s not just anyone; she climbed to the very top of academia and is now the Dalio Professor in Mood Disorders and Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins! That’s not all; she’s also an Honorary Professor of English at the University of St Andrews.

Guess what else? She wrote this book, “An Unquiet Mind.” It’s a heartfelt dive into her life with bipolar disorder! Oh, and speaking of bipolar, there’s ​this 6-minute video​ that explains it brilliantly. It’s got like 13M views already! You should totally check it out! 

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