You know when sometimes you’re overthinking something so much that you just can’t make a decision? Like when you’re trying to pick a movie to watch, and there are so many options that you end up watching nothing at all? That’s called “Analysis Paralysis.” It’s when you analyze a situation to death and get so caught up in the details that it paralyzes you from taking action. It’s like your brain gets stuck in a loop, and you can’t move forward.

On the science side of things, our brains are wired for survival, right? So, sometimes, it goes into overdrive trying to predict every possible outcome to make the “best” decision. But in today’s world, where we’re not always facing life-or-death situations, this can backfire and just bog us down. The prefrontal cortex, the decision-making part of the brain, gets overwhelmed with too much information and basically freezes. LOL.

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