First thing, we’ve got a cool wallpaper for your phone. It says: “Enough is a decision, not an amount.” It’s not about having it all but about embracing contentment and gratitude for the present moment! Decide to be enough, to have enough!

Finding Joy in the Simple Things

We watched this awesome video. It made us think a lot, and we think you’ll like it too! Ever felt like everyone is just trying to get rich and famous, and you’re just looking for some good times and laughs? It seems we’re all stuck in this “Collective Illusion.” It’s kinda funny because studies say most of us think everyone else wants lots of money, but really, most people just want a chill life. Interesting, isn’t it? Sometimes, thinking everyone wants different things can make us feel lonely and stressed out. But remember, we’re all different, but we also want a lot of the same things. Next time you’re around people, just watch them and see. Everyone’s got a story and maybe, just like you, they’re looking for simple, happy things.

It’s okay to Make Something Nobody Wants

Now read this; it’s somehow relevant, and we love it because it’s very “us”! Very Colorful Zone state of mind! This is our idea behind building this project!