Have you ever heard of the Tetris Effect? It’s this wild thing that happens when you’re so hooked on a game or an activity that it starts to seep into your thoughts and even your dreams!

Imagine playing Tetris for hours – those colorful, geometric blocks dropping down, one after the other, trying to fit them perfectly together. And then, even when you’re not playing, you start seeing those Tetris blocks everywhere: when you’re trying to sleep, or just zoning out. Crazy, right?

But it’s not just Tetris; this effect can happen with anything you do a lot. It could be a video game, a puzzle, or even constant activities like knitting or checking your email. It’s like when you spend so much time doing something, your brain just keeps the party going, even when you’re trying to do other stuff.

What’s really fascinating is that this isn’t just about seeing things; it’s how our brains can get wired and rewired based on what we do. Some folks even use this Tetris Effect to their advantage, like athletes visualizing their moves or musicians rehearsing tunes in their head.

The takeaway? What we focus on intensely can shape our thoughts and dreams, sometimes literally! It’s like our brain is a supercomputer that keeps running the last opened programs in the background. So next time you find yourself dreaming in Tetris blocks or spreadsheet cells, remember, it’s just your awesome brain doing its thing. But maybe, just maybe, it’s also a sign to take a little break and mix things up a bit!

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