Have you ever heard the term “narcissist”? It describes someone with an excessive interest in or admiration for themselves. But have you ever wondered where the term originates? It’s from an ancient Greek myth about a handsome young man named Narcissus. He became so enchanted by his reflection in a pond that he couldn’t tear himself away from it! So when we use “narcissist” today, we’re referencing that old tale. Interesting, isn’t it?

Do you know the difference between narcissism and confidence? Imagine a friend who looks in the mirror and thinks, “I look good today!” That’s confidence – a healthy appreciation of oneself. Now, picture another friend who looks in the mirror and believes, “I’m the best-looking person ever, and no one else compares!” and expects everyone to agree. That’s leaning towards narcissism – where an individual not only holds a high opinion of themselves but may also disregard or belittle others. So while confidence revolves around self-belief, narcissism takes it to an extreme, often overshadowing others.

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