We discovered this study about how some of us might play dumb to avoid feeling selfish. Turns out, 40% of people would rather not know the consequences of their choices, like ignoring where our shopping comes from because ignorance is bliss, right? The study looked at how informed people were about the impact of their choices, like taking $5 and someone else also getting $5, or taking $6 and the other person getting just $1. And guess what? A lot of folks were more generous when they couldn’t avoid knowing the impact of their choice. This suggests our good deeds might be more about keeping a nice self-image or just doing what’s expected. It’s wild, right? We could be cherry-picking what to notice to protect our self-image. They did all these tests in the US and Europe, mostly, so they’re saying they need to check out if this happens everywhere else too. Interesting stuff, don’t you think? Makes us wonder about all the ‘good’ choices we make.

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