The more you play, the more sustainable your
happiness becomes

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What is Sustainable Happiness?

Sustainable happiness is a type of well-being that lasts, as opposed to a brief feeling of pleasure or a temporary joyful moment.

To truly become our happiest selves, we might need to obtain a growth mindset, learn resilience skills, balance between positive and negative emotions, and become antifragile.

That way, we can learn to keep the feeling of happiness forever.


a Digital Vitamin
for Mental Health

Happiness-19 is a vitamin due to its nature and how it works. The lack of vitamins leads to different health conditions- in other words, vitamins are a preventive solution. Happiness-19 works the same way. In order to achieve sustainable happiness, improved mental health, and maintained antifragility, we need to get our daily need of Happiness-19!


Can We Skip to
the Fun Part?

Believe it or not, today there are more than 20,000 mental health apps on the market. Half of them are mind-numbing, and the rest are even more boring! On top of that, most of them are not research-based. Happiness-19 is a scientific solution which is fun, enjoyable, and improves mental health at the same time!

How does it

Imagine each of us has five containers inside our mind. Containers with mindfulness, togetherness, health, curiosity, and meaningfulness labels. These containers hold the ingredients necessary to make us feel good and happy! In order to achieve sustainable happiness, we need to keep our containers full.