The idea behind Happiness-19 comes from EEG brain waves. The state of the brain is mapped to five categories, which we call containers.

Moreover, Happiness-19 uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) principles. All the content in this app is bite-sized lessons using DBT.

Take Care of
Your Happiness Tree

Happiness-19 shows the state of our brain with the Happiness Tree. We should take care of our Happiness Tree, in order to improve our mental health and achieve sustainable happiness.

Keep your
containers full

The Happiness Tree uses the containers to grow and flourish, so we need to keep our containers full. By using the app and completing bite-sized lessons, we can take care of our Happiness Tree, learn hundreds of new techniques, and keep our containers full.

Happiness-19 Becomes Personalized!

We all have our own unique Happiness Tree. The requirements for each tree are different. Happiness-19 uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) models in order to personalize your experience.

As you work with the app, it learns your needs and preferences. The more you play with the app, the more accurate it becomes.

Boosters of

In our life unfortunate events happen. These events are like a drought for our Happiness Tree. In these cases, we should take extra care of our Happiness Tree. In order to adjust Happiness-19 to these events, it contains some extra content, called “Boosters” which you can choose and add to your app. A Booster is like a Miracle Gro for our Happiness Tree!

a sneak peek into the app