Digital mental health vitamins

It’s no secret that we live in a digital world. We all use technological devices and various apps on a day-to-day basis- right now, you’re probably reading this article on your laptop or mobile device. That’s what digital mental health vitamins do; they use this technology and our easy access to it, and help us become mentally stronger.

How do they do that? We’ll get to it in a second.

Firstly, what is digital mental health?

Basically, it’s when we use technology and the internet to have access to a wide array of mental health services. We can use these online resources for learning, therapy, and improving our overall well-being.

Digital mental health vitamins

Why is digital mental health important?

There are countless perks to using digital mental health.

Firstly, they’re good news, because accessing these services is quite easy for everyone. Secondly, they’re available to you, whenever and wherever you need them! Whether you live in a small town or are on a busy schedule, digital mental health vitamins are always there, and their priority is you and you alone.

Thirdly, they’re a more economical option “because” of the fact that they’re digital! And last but definitely not least, digital mental health is a viable option for you if you find face-to-face contact difficult.

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One of the ways you can benefit from digital mental health is using Digital Vitamins.

What are digital vitamins?

Imagine you have an immune system for your mental health. Obviously, the better you take care of it, the stronger and more empowered you are in the face of difficult moments in life. It’s a two-way street- you take care of it, and it takes care of you!

Digital mental health vitamins help manage this. They make us more resilient and antifragile when we go through rough times, and give us skills that can last a lifetime.

Digital mental health vitamins

How are digital vitamins different from normal vitamins?

The short answer is, they’re not really that different. They both strengthen us, and without them, we would be more easily hurt. They both take a preventative stance. In other words, they prepare us for the events ahead!

Another great thing about them is that, unlike vitamins that are for our physical health, digital vitamins don’t have to go through our digestive system. Instead, they only need to reach our minds and our behavior – which is why they can also be delivered to you on your own computer devices.

Digital vitamins for happiness are, simply put, materials you learn and practice to strengthen your “mental immune system”!

Digital mental health vitamins

Do digital vitamins work?

Building digital vitamins is based on the belief that being empowered, resilient and antifragile isn’t something that you are either born with or not. Even though each person has their own capacity, everyone can build more resiliency and antifragility.

Of course, just like it’s not enough to take care of your immune system only once, you can’t strengthen your mental immune system once and be done with it! Taking care of your well-being has to be a routine. After all, vitamin insufficiency won’t go away after one pill, will it?

Well-being theory
Well-being theory

What do digital vitamins do for me?

By taking your digital vitamins, you are actually:
1) Developing skills that let you manage day-to-day experiences in a better and healthier way.
2) Building sustainable behaviors for yourself, like useful habits.

Well-being theory

Happiness-19 as a digital vitamin

Happiness-19 is one of these digital vitamins for happiness. Just like other vitamins, it comes with instructions on how to use it. But what are the ingredients of this digital vitamin? What is the dosage?

Well, research tells us which skills can be taught, so we can improve our mental health. Therefore, we use those skills that we have found to be helpful, and through Dialectical Behavior Therapy, we put them together in a simple, yet effective way.

Regarding the dosage, we’ve structured Happiness-19 in a way that it gives you a daily dosage of your vitamin through emails. Each day, your personal pen pal sends you emails that are specifically designed for you- and there’s no need for installing any apps!

Well-being theory
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