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Our Vision in Colorful Zone

Colorful Zone is the start of a big dream: Making a digital vitamin for sustainable happiness, and to help everyone enjoy a healthy and happy life!
We define our vision using these concepts:

Balance: This is key for having a mentally healthy life- that we should not avoid negative feelings, or maximize positivity! We need balance, and that means we should welcome our negative emotions as well as the positive ones. In other words, we need anger, rejection, loss, and sadness, as well as excitement, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

Resilience: Resilience means the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. That means it’s okay to feel negative emotions. They’re part of our life, just like our happy moments. What’s not okay is getting stuck in negative emotions and unpleasant feelings. If we learn how to recover ourselves from any unpleasant experience, life will not be as stressful.

Education: Resilience skills are learnable!

Vitamin: If we only use painkillers for our mental health, we would only survive in hard times. But a vitamin helps us thrive, too. When we talk about a sustainable state of happiness in life, we’re talking about a mindset- a preventive solution that is forever helpful to us.

Personalized: Every individual, based on their biology, life experiences, and the environment they live in, needs different solutions to achieve mental health. One solution does not fit everybody.

The 3 A’s of Equality: Accurate, Accessible, Affordable- Unfortunately, sustainable happiness is not equal for everyone at the moment. Our goal is to serve everyone equally!

Joyful: mental health is not a one-time action. It’s a process, and we aim to add joy to every mental health experience we develop to make it more liveable.

Youth: Teenagers are the decision-makers of the next generation. They need to develop their antifragility and resilient superpower before facing adulthood stressors.

We plan to make it a reality so that anyone from anywhere can develop the skills to sustainable happiness before facing difficulties! To put it another way, we need a digital vitamin for sustainable happiness that helps us recover our happiness, whenever we need it.

Why Us?

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How we position Colorful Zone
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Colorful Zone is a clock builder,
rather than a time teller.

Negar Yaghoobi

Founder & CEO

Jadi Mirmirani


Athena Afsharian

Creative Director

Aso Karimi

Full-Stack Developer

Rastin Rassoli

Product Owner

Ali Yaghoubi

Product Owner

Rira Lord

Content Manager

Shaghayegh Shokatpour

Content Manager

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