Spring Joynal is a planner that helps you manage your thoughts and emotions during the spring months. It also invites you to be a kinder soul- both to yourself and others!

Colorful Spring Joynal

Our emotions are complicated, and they change constantly. But our approach toward our feelings and how we treat them can change our day-to-day lives.
If we learn to embrace our feelings and be non-judgmental to ourselves, we can move toward sustainable happiness- slowly, but steadily!
These topics made us wonder:
-How can we address our different moods?
– What tool can we use to practice kindness, as well as keep track of our thoughts?

So we made a colorful Joynal

Imagine there are 5 jars: Meaningfulness, Mindfulness, Curiosity, Health, TogethernessThese jars hold the ingredients necessary for building happier moments in life. So, we need full jars to create joyful memories!
For each of the days in the joynal, you can mark how full your jars are. This way, over time, you will understand your emotions better, and it will be easier for you to build happier moments in life! The joynal also motivates you to be kinder in your daily life, and to focus on the beauty of it!

96 Pages – PDF
– Digital and Fillable Planner
– Printable Planner
– GoodNotes Friendly

Want to make a meaningful contribution?

purchase this joynal from etsy for ca$1.99

Although downloading the Spring Joynal from here is free, your purchase of it makes a meaningful impact on those who can’t afford it. With your contribution, we can provide access to mental health resources to those in need. So, why not invest in your own well-being while making a positive difference in someone else’s life?

Did you enjoy spring joynal?
Make the whole year colorful!

This planner is for the spring, but if you enjoy using it and want something like it for every season, you can have it! Become a member of our Colorful community, and we will email you the other seasons for free!