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    Joyi is an app that provides an entertaining and engaging way to improve mental health literacy. As a preventive solution, it has undergone a clinical study that has been REB-approved by Health Canada, which ensures that the highest ethical standards are maintained. The app works like a digital vitamin, offering a sustainable way to promote happiness and well-being. Joyi is an excellent tool for anyone looking to prioritize their mental health and well-being.


    Joyi is a casual game! It features a character that emphasizes the importance of five ingredients to make good moments – Health, Meaningfulness, Mindfulness, Togetherness, and Curiosity. The app offers bite-sized lessons that are all based on DBT, which help users fill each of these jars. Joyi also personalizes itself over time, learning what each user needs the most to become more resilient. By using Joyi, users can take control of their mental health and build the skills needed to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

The Value of Joyi

For Users

Joyi offers users a valuable tool for improving their quality of life. The app serves as a companion and map in the journey towards better mental health, offering personalized support and education. 

  • Joyi offers personalized support and education for users
  • Joyi provides an eJOYcational experience that is both meaningful and engaging
  • Users can improve their mental health literacy and promote happiness with Joyi
For Coaches

Joyi offers a valuable add-on for coaches looking to enhance their work and provide ongoing mental health support to their clients. 

  • Joyi is science-backed, adding a scientific approach to coaches’ work
  • Joyi provides ongoing mental health support to their clients
  • Joyi helps coaches develop resilient skills for their clients through a personalized and engaging education
  • Incorporating Joyi into coaching can lead to better outcomes for clients

Overall, Joyi is a valuable tool for coaches looking to improve the quality of their work and support their clients’ mental health.

Joyi works like a digital
Vitamin for resilience

Joyi is designed to work like a digital vitamin for resilience, offering users a way to build up their mental health and emotional well-being over time. By providing bite-sized lessons that are all based on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Joyi can help users develop skills like mindfulness, meaningfulness, curiosity, togetherness, and more. With consistent use, Joyi can provide ongoing support and education, helping users to become more resilient and better equipped to handle life’s challenges. Just like taking a daily vitamin can improve your physical health, using Joyi can improve your mental health and help you build resilience for the long term.

Joyi is personalized

Joyi is a highly personalized app that adapts to each user’s unique needs and preferences over time. As users engage with the app and complete lessons, Joyi learns more about their interests, goals, and areas where they need the most support. With this information, Joyi can provide tailored recommendations and lessons that are specifically designed to meet each user’s needs. Additionally, Joyi offers an AI-powered chat that enables users to have more personalized and interactive communication with the app. This chat feature provides users with a way to ask questions, get feedback, and receive support in real-time. By offering personalized support and education, along with interactive communication through its AI-powered chat, Joyi can help users achieve their mental health goals and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Joyi has Scientific

Joyi has undergone a clinical study to validate its effectiveness, which has been approved by the Research Ethics Board (REB) of Health Canada. The study aimed to answer two questions related to the app: whether short-term use of the app affects the instant mood and emotions of participants, and whether Joyi has an impact on the elements of meaningfulness, mindfulness, togetherness, health, and curiosity, which are the pillars of sustainable happiness identified by Joyi’s creators.
All of Joyi’s bite-sized lessons have a strong scientific background and are based on dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The app’s content structure is based on the DSM-5 TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Text Revision). We partner with several universities in North America to create our content, with the contribution of graduate students. For each subject, we work with an expert who not only has academic knowledge and certification in psychology but also has personal experiences related to the subject matter. This approach ensures that the content is validated with human connection and offers a more personalized and empathetic perspective..

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