Colojournal is a workbook with exercises carefully designed to
help you face overwhelm, anxiety, and racing thoughts.




The Colojournal Workbook

Anxiety and racing thoughts are two of the biggest struggles ADHDers face.

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about mindfulness meditation and how it can help with that; but what if you have ADHD and don’t like meditation? What if you just don’t want to sit down and focus on your breath?

We did some research and looked for the two best fun things that can replace it:
Coloring and Journaling!!

Both of these activities put us in the same state we’re able to reach with mindfulness meditation. So with that in mind, we made the ADHD-Friendly Colojournal Workbook as a partnership between ADHDoers & Colorful Zone!

Download yours now and start fighting off anxiety the fun way!

44 Pages
– Digital Journal – 1 PDF file
– Ready to print on paper or cardstock – A4



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