Have you ever wondered what aspects of our lives influence our mental health? Many factors have a significant impact on our mental well-being, even if we don’t realize it.

But what are some of these factors?

A study done on a sample of almost 1000 people over 12 months tried to explain some of the social and individual factors that affect our psychological well-being.

We all have an internal body clock.It basically decides if we’re a morning person or a night owl. This internal clock is closely linked to our sleep patterns.

They found that there is a direct relationship between sleep patterns and psychological well-being.

Work routines also affect our sleep patterns, indirectly causing our well-being to become better or worse.

The later our work routines and our sleep start time, the worse the effects.

Another thing that is related to our social and work life (and our well-being ) is self-efficacy, the belief in our own abilities to deal with stressful situations.

Work routines don’t directly have a positive or negative effect on our mental health, but they have a significant effect on the relationship between our sleep patterns and well-being.

This means that our social and individual life both play important roles in our mental health, and that maintaining a balance between the two can have the most positive impact on ou

Late work routines have a mainly negative effect on our well-being, especially for night owls, because of their impact on our sleep patterns.

Lower self-efficacy and later sleep patterns will cause lower psychological well-being.

The more aware we are of the factors that have good or bad effects on our well-being, the better we can control them.

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