We usually think that happier people are healthier in general, and there’s a lot of research to prove that. But have you ever considered that the happiness of your romantic partner can have significant effects on your health?

This is what a study done over a 6-year period tried to explain.

They observed nearly 2000 older couples to find out whether being with a happy partner contributes to self-health over and above our own happiness.

A person’s own happiness makes them care more about self-health and exercise.

The higher is our self-health, the stronger is our immune performance. We’ll also have less stress and will live a longer life in general.

Spousal happiness also has a unique effect on self-health above and beyond our own happiness levels.

The effects of partner happiness on our health are long-lasting.

These effects also increase over time.

These effects are strong for men and women.

Happier people are more physically active than unhappy people.

People with happy partners experience less physical impairment and exercise more frequently.

This means that when two couples live together for a while, they will adopt each other’s habits. If one partner is happy and has good habits, the other one is more likely to adopt those habits as well.

This study mainly focuses on the independent impact a romantic partner can have on our feelings and behaviors, which helps us make better decisions about our health.

Our romantic partner’s happiness can predict our health. The way it works could be that being around a happy partner helps us become more energetic- so it motivates us to make healthier choices.

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