How many times do you laugh during the day? Have you ever noticed how much you laugh in general?

It’s easy to laugh on some days, perhaps when we’re with friends and loved ones. But what about all the time we spend on our own? Does it even matter if we laugh or smile more? Well, two psychologists did an experiment to see the results of laughter and smiling on mood.

They told people to do a simple task for one minute each:

  1. Broad smiling
  2. Forced hearty laughing (without any humor involved)
  3. Howling (it’s energetic, but might be different from another energetic activity like laughing)

The people did all the tasks alone.

After each task was over, participants had to circle one face (out of seven) on a piece of paper to say what mood they wer

One minute of howling didn’t impact their mood much. This shows that not all energetic vocal activities have positive effects on our mood.

However, one minute of smiling did improve mood.

Laughter increased mood even more than smiling, even though it was forced.

Laughter boosted positivity a lot more than just smiling.

Through this study, we can see that the more we laugh or smile during the day, the more we can elevate our mood. When we laugh or smile, no matter the reason or the situation, we feel less stressed and more at ease with everything.

In the end, even a little smile or a laugh can have a big impact. Then why not do that more often?

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