Let me tell you a story.

Imagine there are five different jars in your mind, all in different colors. Each jar holds an ingredient necessary to keep your life joyful.

I use the ingredients in these jars to make sustainable happiness.

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky:
These jars don’t fill themselves!

You need to take some action to fill your jars constantly! This is how our brain works!

Want a joyful way to fill and protect your jars? This is an app I made to fill mine. Feel free to use it wherever you are at any time!

There are some other actions you can do to fill your jars. This is a game I play with my friends that works pretty well for that purpose!

I think it’s a great game to play in a friendly group: in a class, at work, or in any other place where you’re looking to have some fun together for an hour!

    One hour of your time

    Being able to print a sheet of paper (It’s not a must, though! You can also play this game on your phone or tablet!)

    A few cool friends

    I hope you and your friends enjoy this game!

    I would also like to share this wallpaper with you, so you can remember your jars and what you need to do to fill them up.

    Are you perhaps wondering how this colorful snake and ladders game would be valuable for you?
    It fills all of your five jars!

    So please give it a try!