I want to introduce you to Marcel!

Marcel is partially a shell. He only has a face with one eye and some shoes.

He’s a simple soul.

I want to have a good life and to stay alive and not just survive but have a good life.

He says.

Marcel lives with his grandmother, Connie. The other shells were torn apart at some point, and he is seeking his community!

Okay! Let’s watch 3 cute videos of him!

He is the main character of a feature film called “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On“. You can watch the trailer here.

I really recommend that you watch the full movie!

Because this movie is about how to be resilient when facing many kinds of loss: A bitter divorce, the historical destruction of communities, the loss of memory, and eventually, death.

It’s a beautiful movie, and I think it will really help you see many things in life in a new light!

The cool thing is that there is a book series about Marcel, so you can read them whenever you feel like it.

I borrowed them from a public library because I’m a huge fan of public libraries! You can do the same, or buy them if you want.

So, now…

There is a scene in the movie (The feature-length one) in which Marcel talks about one of his biggest regrets: He could not say a proper goodbye to his loved ones.

I believe both you and I owe some goodbyes, as well. There are a few things we can do about that, though:

Listen to this playlist.

It’s made up of soundtracks used in the movie!

Download these goodbye letter templates.

You can either fill them in online, or print as many as you need, so you can use them in the traditional way.

    Now, we can start writing.

    Pour every unsaid word on the page, and say a proper goodbye!

    I have something else for you, as well:

    I designed this phone wallpaper for you! Look! It has my favorite quote from Marcel the Shell movie 🙂

    I found this quote really meaningful and helpful to see and think about every day. So, there you have it:

    Marcel the shell quotes wallpaper

    Marcel the shell quotes wallpaper

    Are you perhaps wondering how this fictional hangout with Marcell would be valuable for you?

    It fills your “Togetherness” and “Meaningfulness” jar 🙂

    So please give it a try!